SIPLEX UniStation Series Desktop PCs & Small Business Servers

With their minimalistic design, high power efficiency, quiet operation and balanced components, SIPLEX UniStation Series Desktop PCs & Small Business Servers are ideal for both office and home uses. Powered by the latest Intel Core i-series & Xeon E or AMD Ryzen series processors, they are well capable of all kinds of tasks such as image editing, HD video processing, programming, 3D CAD, secured file sharing, collaborative platforms and multipurpose virtual environment.

If you would like a tailored made unit for your specific needs (e.g. Gaming, Media Server), please speak to us. Our technicians will make sure that your PCs are customised and built according to your exact specifications.

To place your orders, please contact our sales team on 01733 806 854 or


SIPLEX Standard Office PC
for Business

Price from £599

- Compact and light-weight
- Highly efficient and reliable
- Quick multitasking

Powered by 12th Gen Intel Core i3/i5 or AMD 4th Gen Ryzen 3/5 processor, 16GB RAM and Win 11 Pro, perfect for business and home working. Standard 2-year warranty.

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SIPLEX Ultra Compact Gaming PC
for Gamers

Price from £899

- Minimalistic & Highly power efficient
- Great for home entertainment
- Advanced gaming graphics

Powered by 13th Gen Intel Core i5 or AMD 5th Gen Ryzen 5 processor, 32GB RAM and nVidia RTX 3060/AMD RX 6600 XT graphics card, maximising your multimedia and gaming experience.

* All prices already include VAT